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Do you think you could beat a world record?

While some people think they can, there are others (the majority of us) that never even consider attempting to overcome a world record.

Little did we know there are tons of them out there, especially when it comes to candy!

We did a little bit of looking through some Guinness Book World Records and found 20 delicious candy world records that will absolutely blow your taste buds right out of your mouth.

Check them out!

20 Candy World Records every candy lover needs to know…


World's Largest Chocolate Nut Bar
This record has gone back and forth a few times over the last decade but most recently, Reeses overthrew Snickers for the largest chocolate nut bar in the world in January of 2020.

As part of their first-ever Superbowl ad, they worked with a team of confectionery experts to create Reese’s Take 5 Bar that weighed in at a whopping 5,943lb. Talk about the ultimate chocolate bar!

Largest Bag Of Candy
There are some candy world records that are simply baffling, and this is one of them. This 1,800lb bag of salty licorice was crafted by Finnish candy maker Kouvolan Lakristi Oy as part of their 2020 campaign for winning British Magazine Lux Life’s award for Best Liquorice Manufacturer in the World.


Most Peeps Eaten In 30 Seconds
With Easter coming up, we had to add this one to the list as it is incredibly impressive that someone has found enough time to practice the art form of Peep eating and then break the world record. Eating 28 Peeps in less than 30 seconds, competitive eater, Takeru Kobayashi, shattered his opponent Gavon Laessig, who only ate four, in April 2021. Well done, candy lover, well done.

Most Candy Bars Eaten In One Minute
This is our only record on this list that is currently shared by two people—Joey Chestnut and Pat Bertoletti. Both of these men set the record of 3 chocolate bars in under a minute at the Tin Fish Restaurant in San Diego, back in July 2010.


Most Skittles Thrown And Caught In The Mouth In One Minute
Just when you thought 28 Peeps in 30 seconds was fast, Cambodian candy lovers Ashrita Furman and Bipin Larkin threw and caught 70 Skittles in their mouths back in 2018.

Largest Candy Dispenser
We all remember our childhood favorite Pez Dispenser, right?

Imagine that tiny one that you used to carry around in your pocket, except 12 times bigger! That’s what the Burlingame Museum of Pez Memorabilia in Burlingame, California did in 2007 when they created their 94-inch, 85lb Pez Dispenser that could hold 6480 Pez candy inside.


The Largest Collection Of Candy Wrappers
We may have found someone who loves candy more than we do. So much so that he’s kept every single wrapper of candy he’s eaten over the last 32 years.

Meet Milan Lukich Valdivia, the man with 5065 different candy wrappers—he’s been eating candy so long, he estimates that his collection includes candy from 49 different countries!

Most M&Ms Stacked On One Another
This is one record that seems somewhat achievable, but still difficult if you don’t have the patience. 22–year-old Brendan Kelbie stacked a total of 6 regular Chocolate M&Ms on top of one another to take the record from the previous holder Silvio Sabba, who stacked 4.

Most Candy Canes On A Single Christmas Tree
Some people have a Christmas spirit that’s so holly and jolly it just cannot be contained. That was the case for the Winter Wonderland Group of Grove City, Ohio, who stacked 6,425 peppermint candy canes around one single Christmas tree.

World’s Largest Lollipop
Just when you thought that the lollipops at the state fair were big, See’s Candies Lollypop Factory in Burlingame, California decided that they would create the largest lollipop known to mankind. Weighing in at a staggering 7,001,881 pounds and measuring 5 feet and 11 inches high. Talk about a big treat!


World’s Largest Gummy Candy
Could you imagine eating a gummy candy the size of a full dolphin? That’s what Shiva Manufacturing Company did in January 2022, when they took it upon themselves to bring awareness to dolphin protection with a 2,672lb gummy dolphin that was 11 feet long.

Most M&Ms Eaten In One Minute Blind Folded Using Chopsticks
Have you ever thought that eating M&Ms was simply too easy? Well, it looks like Ashrita Furman thought so. This guy decided that he wanted something harder than chucking a few pieces of chocolate into his mouth so he ate 20 M&Ms blindfolded in 60 seconds. Not sure what that gets you besides a sad, upset stomach.


World’s Largest Bubblegum Bubble Blown
If you played baseball back in the day, this was one everyone on the team tried to beat. Unfortunately, Chad Fell set the record in 2004 with 3 pieces of Dubble Bubble which he blew up to 50.8cm without using his hands!

Most Jelly Bean Candies Caught In Mouth In 40 Seconds
How many Jelly Beans can you catch in your mouth in 40 seconds? That was the question Lauren Huiet was asking herself and she discovered that she could catch 16 of them while also standing on one foot. Props for those skills Lauren!


Fastest Time To Eat One Pack Of Smarties Without Hands
Ever tried your hand at speed eating? Neither have we, but Chris Jorritsma of California did and broke the record for the fastest time to eat an entire pack of Smarties without using his hands. Can you guess what his time was? A lightning 20.9 seconds.

Most Full-Sized Snickers Bars Eaten In One Sitting
This is one of those records that nobody should attempt at home for the sake of their stomach. Nadeer Reda decided to take this challenge on and ate 18 full-sized Snickers candy bars in one sitting and we can promise you, he didn’t feel great when it was over.


World’s Largest Jawbreaker
You remember those jawbreakers mom would let you get every once in a while, right? This is exactly like those except this one weighs 27.7lbs! Made by Oak Leaf Confections Co. this behemoth breaker was crafted in May of 2003.

World’s Longest Piece Of Candy Floss (Cotton Candy)
While we thought that the longest piece of cotton candy might come from a state fair or movie theater, it actually comes from a team of confectionery creators based in Kocaeli, Turkey who made a piece that was over 4,593 ft.


World’s Largest Butterscotch Candy
If your grandma always had butterscotch candy on hand, she would love this. Nidar, Trondheim, a Norwegian candy company produced the largest butterscotch candy ever back in 1997, weighing in at 35,27 lbs and 5ft in height and width.

World’s Largest Collection of Chocolate Bars

How many candy bars have you eaten in your lifetime? Most of us don’t know, but Bob Brown knows. He’s collected over 77o unique chocolate bars and has estimated that he’s eaten one of each in the process. His collection is on display in the Castleton Square Mall in Indianapolis.

If all that candy record talk got you hungry, we’ve got you covered. Go ahead and venture down our digital aisles and grab all your favorite candy from childhood and we’ll send it straight to your front door!


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