Candy That Makes An Apple a Day Easier

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One of the best fall treats is an apple covered in sugary goodness. Something heavenly happens when the sweetness of candy meet the natural taste of a crisp apple. Sure, we all have tried the typical Caramel, Cinnamon candy, and maybe even the chocolate covered apples, but the world of candy that can adorn fruit is much bigger than that. No matter if you enjoy them on a stick or slice and dip them, we have put together a list of treats you can try on apples before fall ends and winter brings a whole new set of goodies.

Jolly Ranchers

Did you know you can cover an apple in Jolly Ranchers much like you can the traditional Candied apple? Not only does this open the door for fun new flavors but also colors as well. You can even add glitter for some space or princess inspired apples. Be warned though, the Jolly Rancher coat can’t be too thick or you might lose a tooth or six.



Try Reeses Pieces or Reese Cups sprinkled on a milk or white chocolate dipped apples. Perfect for those who snack on peanut butter apples, and for chocolate lovers. Or for those who enjoy caramel apples with nuts but wished the nuts were candy. Wish granted.



Not only do M&Ms provide a lovely addition of more chocolate and crunch but they also are a colorful easy way to decorate candy apples. Especially with the special holiday colors. Crush them up or place them on the apple in a cool design.


Gummy Worms

The only time a worm in your apple would be a treat. Have some fun by placing Gummy Worms around a chocolate or caramel apple. They make a great decoration and provide a new chewy texture to this fall treat.



Peanut butter fans, we have another goodie for you. Butterfinger is another crunchy topping that take this treat to a whole new level. Chop some up and sprinkle it around a chocolate covered apple. Drizzle more chocolate on it and take a bite into fall bliss.



Last but not least, we have Twix. This is perfect for those who want their chocolate and caramel too. The best of both worlds collide with the crunchy goodness of Twix’s nugat.


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