Candy That Belongs on Ice Cream

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Summer is here! What better way to cool off from a hot day than a scoop of your favorite ice cream flavor? Or rolled on the sides of a cookie ice cream sandwich? Or swirled in a milkshake? Or even on top of frozen yogurt? Whew. Talk about a treat! We picked out 15 toppings you should have handy in case of a sundae emergency. Whether it’s for a party, a quick snack for the kids, or a sweet summer treat for yourself, we know you deserve it. The real trick is not eating them before they get to the ice cream.

  • Butterfinger – Crush up some Butterfingers and you got a perfect mix of crunchy peanut butter and chocolate.
  • Gummi Bears, Worms, Anything! – Great for your kids and the kid in you. If it’s in the gummi family it should go on ice cream.
  • Heath – Chop up the Heath bars into pieces for perfect sweet and sticky toppers.
  • M&Ms – The classic: M&Ms! Not only can you easily toss in a handful of these non-melting goodies into any ice cream bowl but they’re also great rolled onto the side of an ice cream sandwich.
  • Chocolate bars – Whether it’s the indulgent Dove bar or the all-American favorite Hershey’s, adding a bit of chocolate to your treat just makes it better.
  • Nerds – Add some color and crunch to your soft serve! Nerds pack more flavor than sprinkles and come in almost every color.
  • Nonpareils – Enjoy the best of chocolate and sprinkles with Nonpareils. Or their smaller cousin, Sno Caps.
  • Crunch Bar – More crunch? Add a bunch of Crunch bars to your favorite treat.
  • Raspberries and Blackberries – Wish gummies had a bit more crunch? Meet your new favorite topping, Raspberries and Blackberries.
  • Reese’s – The royal family of peanut butter and chocolate. Try chopping up Reese’s Cups or using Reese’s Pieces.
  • Twix – Everything you could want on your favorite summer treat. Chocolate, caramel, and cookie? Twix knows what it’s doing.
  • Toffee/Werther’s Original Hard Candies – Don’t shy away just because it’s a hard candy. Chop Werther’s Original Hard Candies into small pieces and enjoy the butterscotch goodness.
  • Whoppers – Have your ice cream and milkshake too with malted Whoppers.
  • Beer Nuts – Not the biggest sweet tooth? Well, I don’t know how you got this far down the list, but we have a choice for you too. Chopped sweet and salty Beer Nuts are right up your alley.
  • Andes Mints – These are a top pick for those who really want something cool. Refreshing Andes Mints mixed with chocolate and cold ice cream will get you shivering even on the hottest day.



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