June is National Candy Month

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June may be our favorite month. Not because summer is starting or because the pools are opening, but because it is the official month for candy. How did June end up being the sweetest month of the year? Well, no one knows. Some say is it’s because this is the month that US confectioner Hershey’s acquired Harry Burnett Reese’s business. Yup. That Hershey’s and that Reese’s. Others say it’s because June 9th is Dentures Day and the world loves irony. We think it’s because whoever thought of the idea had it in the beginning of June and wanted to celebrate right away. Of course, there’s always the “aliens did it” explanation.

At least there are plenty of ways to celebrate! Eat your favorite treats from when you were a kid. Check out Pinterest for activities and recipes. Or even visit a candy destination.

Whatever you believe, celebrate the joy of eating or giving candy. We have a wide collection to satisfy everyone from the chocoholic to the fruity craver. Tell us on Twitter or the comments below what you will be doing this month to celebrate candy.

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