Candy In The News: Krackel Gets Its Bite Back

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Krackel fans better make room in their pockets because the bite-sized treat is going to need some room. Finally, full-size Krackel bars are returning to shelves and our tummies. You can now fill your cart with the standard 1.55-ounce bar, a 4-ounce “XL” bar and, for the super fans, a 6.5-ounce “Giant” bar. While the miniatures are still available for those who want to “snack,” (we all know you end up eating a whole bar anyways), Krackel cravers will no longer have to unwrap every single delicious bite. Now you can enjoy a whole bar with only one wrapper in your way. Who says life doesn’t get easier? Are you excited for the Krackel comeback? Tell us below!

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