Why Candy Is The Best Gift You Can Give Anyone

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What is the best gift you have ever received?

Was it your childhood birthday present from mom and dad that you had asked for all year?

Was it that gift your teenage significant other gave you for your monthly anniversary?

Was it the graduation gift your teacher gave you when you walked across the stage in college?

Maybe it was the time that friend sent you that gift for landing that new job!

Whatever it is, I’m here to tell you that there is a better gift to give to people and it’s much sweeter than most of the gifts people are giving these days.

Want to know what it is?

You can probably guess...


You’re probably wondering, “how is candy the best gift you can give anyone?”

Allow me to explain why…

Why Candy Is The Best Gift You Can Give…

Retro Candy Store

Candy takes people back to the sweet days of childhood. 

Candy holds a very special place in the hearts of almost every child.

Just ask any kid what their favorite candy is and watch their eyes light up with pure joy as they share everything they know about the sugary snack.

This deep attachment comes from a variety of different factors, all different for each one of us. For some, a piece of candy takes them back to a moment in childhood.

Maybe it was Halloween night and you were wearing your favorite Batman costume. Maybe it was a family BBQ, where aunt Millie brought you her personal favorite caramels and told you not to tell mom.

Or maybe it was your first trip to that candy store near the beach that you go to every summer—the moment you walked in and were struck with awe at the troves of confections everywhere.

You see, that is what makes candy one of the best gifts you can give anyone. It has this incredible ability to take someone back in time and repaint a picture of what life was like back then—sweeter.

Who doesn’t want to relive some sweet memories? I know I sure do!

Hershey Family Portrait

Candy connects people between generations and demographics. 

Everyone has that one family member that can’t keep their hands out of the candy jar.

In my family, it’s my grandmother who likes to keep a stash of Werther’s Original Caramels tucked inside her purse at all times. Seriously, anytime you ask, she will have at least half a dozen on deck, ready for your sweet tooth.

And there’s something quite beautiful about that.

Over the last 20-some years of my life, my grandmother has always been sharing moments of sweetness with my entire family. From the early days of my childhood all the way through adulthood, she’s reminded us that life is indeed sweet and that finding those moments isn’t hard, sometimes all you need is the right snack.

In that same vein, candy has the ability to connect not only generations but demographics.

Have you ever been to a foreign country?

Walk into any convenience store or gas station abroad, and chances are you are probably going to find some piece of candy you recognize. While this is not normally true for most other foods, candy has crept its way into different corners all over the world, giving it a connective tissue to those who enjoy it.

Imagine what it would be like to be on the other side of the world, reaching for a Reese’s, and at the same time, someone else is doing the same thing and before you know it, you’re sitting down for a sweet snack and conversation.

That’s why candy is one of the best gifts you can give anyone—it creates connections in ways other things cannot.

Girl reaching for jar of candy

Candy can create moments of happiness that can be felt by many. 

Who wants to experience more moments of happiness?

The answer should be everyone!

While there are millions of ways to do this, there’s something incredibly intimate about candy and its ability to transform a moment and turn it into something sweet. You could have zero expectations of something sweet happening during your day, then BAM, it hits you.

Think about it, how amazing it is when a friend pulls out a bag of Skittles and offers you a handful?

What started as a normal encounter just got that much sweeter when your friend extended their hand filled with all the colors of the rainbow ready for your choosing.

Sure this moment might not be the happiest moment of your entire life, but it sure made that moment a whole lot sweeter. You and your friend are now sharing an incredibly sweet moment together, unprompted and unplanned which is always a great feeling.

When you inject these moments into life over and over again, with the help of candy, you quickly see that sweetness is all around us.

Hence, when we give the gift of candy to someone, we are opening the door for those moments to happen more often and that’s a beautiful thing.

What candy gift should I give?

Now that you know why candy is the best gift you can give anyone, I figured you might want to grab some for those special people you’ve been thinking about giving a gift to.

While each person’s confectionery preferences are different, here are 5 of the sweetest gifts you can give to your significant other, best friend, neighbor, a recent graduate (hint hint) or pretty much anyone who you want to bless with a sweet treat.

5 candy gifts you should give every candy lover…

There you have it, 5 different candy gifts to give to your family, friends, co-workers, or anyone you think needs more sweetness in their life.

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