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What do you know about this quirky candy?


Squirrel Nut Zippers were created in Massachusetts by the Squirrel Brand candy company during the mid 20s to complement their already popular chocolate chew candy. Rumor has it that the name came from a news report of an intoxicated man claiming that an illicit drink called the “Nut Zipper” made him get stuck in a tree! The people over at Squirrel Brand thought that the name was just perfect for their new nutty vanilla caramel, and considering the Prohibition I’m sure the name drew a lot more attention than they realized!


Before Squirrel Brand produced the Nut Zipper, they grew a loyal fan-base by supplying the highest quality nuts to New England and eventually to the military all over the globe. They originally were just sold through horse and cart! Because of their history with being one of the finest nut producers, it was no mistake that the Nut Zipper quickly surpassed expectations and became a huge success.


The Squirrel Nut Zipper grew in popularity and enjoyed considerable demand through its time at the Squirrel Brand. Despite the acclaim, the family owned business decided to go back to its roots in peanuts and merged with a company called Southern Style Nuts in 1999. They hightailed it to Texas and continue to produce their beautiful artisanal nuts, with the same high quality loyal fans knew and loved.


After switching to purely a nut business, there was a noticeable lack in the market for Squirrel’s famous Nut Zippers. Nothing could quite substitute the chewy caramel, and in 2004 a little company called Necco decided to buy the rights to the candy. Though the actual name is the Nut Zipper, Necco decided to keep the original brand attached to the name for loyalty and nostalgia for this charming favorite. And there you have the history of Necco’s Squirrel Nut Zipper!


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Were can I find this candy?


I can’t seem to get them anymore so I got the recipe and made my own came out really good


I’ve been looking for these candies for a long time. I finally found them on your website I used to eat them as a kid. They were only one cent and the candy store. I am in love with the squirrel nut zippers candy

Carlos Oyola

Where can you get them

Cynthia L Banks

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