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The taste of marshmallow and chocolate is a long running favorite. We all have memories of s’mores by the campfire! Well in the 1930s the Boyer brothers candy company decided to market this delicious taste sensation into the Mallo Cup!


The task was difficult at first. As they tried to encase gooey marshmallow in chocolate, they had a rough time keeping the mallow center solid! As soon as the marshmallow was dipped in the melty chocolate mixture, it lost its puff, and the candymakers were back at square one.


After discussing this problem with their sister, Emily, she suggested the use of cupcake tins to ease the process. This allowed them to make a chocolate shell, fill that with the marshmallow, and let it all harden before topping it off with more chocolate! Thanks to Emily Boyer, the very first cup candy was invented.


After the incredible success of the Mallo Cup, the Boyer company went on to produce a peanut butter cup, and their Smoothie Cup with a delicious butterscotch coating! The best part about all Boyer’s candy cups? They’re certified gluten free and kosher!


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