Candy Corn day is October 30th

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The spooky days leading up to Halloween is a magical season for candy fans and aficionados, but did you know the day before Trick or Treating, October 30th, marks National Candy Corn Day? Although there’s no Presidential proclamation making it a federal holiday, The National Confectioners Association thought it would be a good time to honour the tri-colored treat. They were originally developed in the 1880s by George Renninger of the Philadelphia, PA-based Wunderle Candy Company. Later the company would merge with the family favorite, Jelly Belly. Today over 25 million pounds of the sweet are sold each year. Candy experts are split as to when Candy Corn became a Halloween staple. Some assumed it started because of the link between fall and corn harvest. Though, during the 1950’s it saw a surge as individually wrapped Halloween candies took off. To this day Candy Corn remains a polarizing staple of the season and has even been modified to accompany other seasons as well. For example, pastel colored corns are called bunny corn around Easter. No matter if you enjoy your corn traditionally or year round, take pride in the fact that this treat is easy on the diet. Containing about 28 grams of sugar, 140 calories per helping and being fat free makes snacking on this sweet a little less scary.

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