7 Candies To Take Back To School

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School is back in session! 

Do you remember what it was like to get a piece of candy in your lunch? Sometimes on those days when Mom was feeling extra nice, she would slide a tiny candy bar or a mini pack of sour patch kids into your lunchbox with a cute note telling you how much she loves you.

The best part was when you sat down at the lunch table and knew that everyone’s attention was going to be on you as that sweet treat caught the gaze of all the adolescents in the room.  

Nonetheless, with teachers, parents, and students jumping back into the academic schedule, we realized that everyone’s lunchbox could use some sweetness stuffed into their mid-day meal. So we took it upon ourselves to make a list of 7 back-to-school candies you should get your hands on this year. 

Check it out! 

Nerds Classic Pack


These are not your stereotypical nerds with glasses and pocket notebooks, these are a much sweeter kind of Nerds. These classic candies pack a sugary punch and make for a perfect mid-day school snack if you’re craving some extra sweetness. Whether you’re a fan of classic flavors like Grape and Strawberry, prefer some variety with a Rainbow theater pack, or want to swing around a few Nerds rope at lunchtime, this treat is one every classmate will be jealous of. 

Smarties Single Roll Candy


If you want to increase your IQ, Smarties is the best way to do it. Rumor has it that the recipe has a secret ingredient that helps you memorize entire textbook pages—or maybe that’s just called a sugar rush during study hour. Nonetheless, this iconic candy stands as one of the most popular back-to-school treats on this list and makes for a great sharing snack with friends.

DumDum Lollipop Box

Dum Dum Pops

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we had to include Dum Dum Pops on this list as they’re another staple of school sports snack stands. Go to any fall football game or school event, and you’re bound to see Dum Dum Pops being served up for students, staff, and families to suck on while watching their school score the winning touchdown. Grab yourself an assorted box and keep your sweet tooth guessing which flavor is going to come next! 

Airhead Bites Package


While most teachers would tell you they prefer to not have airhead students in the classroom, they probably will let the infamous Airhead candy slide. Since its inception in 1985, Airheads have become a childhood staple for students. There’s something about that mystery flavor specifically, that gets kids excited to take a guess at what flavor is inside the metallic wrapper. Lately, they’ve added new items to their arsenal including Airhead bites that are perfect for packing in your lunch every day. 

Laffy Taffy Assorted Box

Laffy Taffy

Everyone knows there’s always one jokester in the class. If you want to become that person this school year, may we suggest taking some schooling from the master of sweet jokes: Laffy Taffy. With two jokes printed on the inside of each wrapper, you’re bound to become the best class clown as long as you commit to consuming Laffy Taffy on a daily basis. Fair warning, your stomach will be hurting from not only the sugar but also the excessive laughter.  

Hot Tamales Theatre Box

Hot Tamales

Remember those days in school when you couldn't stay awake at your desk? Well, those days are long gone with the help of Hot Tamales. Known for their fiery kick and spicy mouthfeel, this treat is like a little kick of adrenaline straight to the tongue and will help you recenter and refocus once the slight burns goes away in your mouth. Plus, they’re great for sharing with friends who think they have a higher spice tolerance than you. 

Nerd Gummy Cluster Pack

Nerds Gummy Clusters

We couldn’t pass up the chance to get double the nerds in one single sweet treat, which is where Nerd Gummy Cluster comes in. Sure, you could settle for classic Nerds or even Nerds rope—which includes gummy sensations as well–but there’s something different about these Nerd clusters. Maybe it's the combination of all those nerds in one bite, maybe it's the gummy center that holds them together, but whatever it is, they are a must-have for school this fall.  

It’s time to snack smarter and harder! 

School can get boring sometimes, so why not make it a little sweeter by bringing some of your favorite candy with you to share with friends?! All of these and more are ready for you in our digital aisles!

Grab a few of these back-to-school classics right here and we’ll ship them straight to your front door or right to school if you want to make it that much easier! 

Stay Sweet This Fall! 

I do. Not have these in my City and I’m literally crying:(


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