4th of July Barbeque

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The smell of barbeque is in the air! When the delicious scent of burgers and hotdogs comes wafting through your neighborhood, it brings back all the memories of sunny outdoor celebrations with family and friends. Toasty buns, charred corn, potato salad and an apple pie tops it all off, but we’ve got a new twist for the picnic table!


While the grillmaster is prepping the meal, you can prep a fun mini barbeque that’ll keep friends coming back for more. With a little creativity, you can set up an adorable 4th of July centerpiece that’ll look great and taste even better! Time for a candy barbecue!


First up on the menu:

burger dog

Can’t have a barbeque without burgers and hotdogs! These gummi versions are a sweet balance to all the protein, and they peel apart into layers, so you can drop the bun if you’re gluten free!




Gotta wash it all down with a nice pink lemonade! Or if you like something with a bit more bubbles, how about a gummi cola?




You can’t go wrong with a candy shish kebab! Top it off with some of our red, white and blue star gummies for an ultra patriotic treat!


Now that we all have full bellies of our favorite candy, let’s settle down to some fireworks and end the night right. Have fun, and stay safe this Independence Day!

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