12 Days of “Craft-Mas” – Day 7 – Candy Bar Tree

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Everyone loves the smell of a fresh evergreen tree. You may love the smell of this tree even more! Yum, chocolate!

This tree won’t wilt halfway through December and leave needles in corners of the house you never knew were there. Although it may have some of the chocolate stolen by those pesky teenagers. Customizable to your favorite tastes and you can even wiggle the design a little if you’re creative! You could make it striped with multiple colors like we did, or do one solid color with a single candy.


Gathering List





  1. We started at the base and glued the candy bars in layers.
  2. Candy by candy striping the tree until we made it to the top.  There will more than likely be a little bit of remaining cardboard at the top, we’ll cover that up later!
  3. In this step we glued Hershey’s Kisses wherever there was a gap to cover up, mimicking ornaments.
  4. The final step is to put a bow on the top to be used as a star and to cover any remaining space at the top of the cone.



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