12 Days of “Craft-Mas” – Day 3 – Rolo Buddies

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Mmmm Rolo’s! These little buddies will be adorable for your next class project, little gift, or a simple and fun craft.

I’m not sure what my favorite thing about Rolo’s is.  Possibly the delicious caramel center or the fact that they still use a gold foil and paper wrapper, just like they used to in the good old days.  This craft makes Rolo even better! Similar to Day 1’s Candy Bar hugger, these buddies are just a wrap around. We made a Santa and a Snowman as you can see above.


Gathering List





  1. I found it was easier to make Santa’s face out of paper and then glue it onto the roll.  I made a beard from white paper and made a small pink face and nose. Added eyes with a marker and the face was done.
  2. The suit is a piece of red paper cut to size and glued to the Rolo. This prevents the suit from falling off. Which isn’t good for Santa when he’s coming down the chimney!
  3. For his belt, we wrapped a black pipecleaner around him twice and tied it at the back.
  4. The hat is a piece of felt gathered at the top and secured with a pipe cleaner.
  5. All pieces are then glued together to create this jolly old St. Nicholas!



  1. After the white paper is cut to size, we drew the snowmans face right on the paper. Eyes and his coal smile.
  2. We cut a small piece of orange pipe cleaner and folded in half for the carrot nose.
  3. Glued the paper to the Rolo and then the nose to the middle of the face.
  4. The hat was made the same as the Santa hat. A small piece of felt gathered at the top with a pipe cleaner and glued down the back.
  5. Lastly, we tied a coordinating ribbon around the middle for a scarf.



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