Forever Yours Candy Bar

Miss this? Try This: Forever Yours

Candy enthusiasts between the years 1936-1979 might remember a silky chocolatey candy bar whose name sounded like a love song that had a lot of brass horns in it. The Forever Yours, unfortunately was not forever ours. In 1979 it had broken its promise and left grocery shelves forever. We thought for sure we would never see this dark chocolate covered vanilla nougat, lined with a layer of caramel. That was until 1989.

With all the hype of about dark chocolate being good for us, Mars brought back the bar, letting the Forever Yours bar live up to its name again. Well, sort of. The name of the candy bar changed to Milky Way Dark, but the inside stayed the same. And we all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Which is good because the bar went through another name change in 2000. I wonder if this is P.Diddy’s favorite candy? As of today the bar is known as Milky Way Midnight and is available for purchase. Try them frozen!

Thankfully this candy story has good ending with very similar ingredients. But not all candies make a comeback with a name change. Check our List of discontinued candies for more info on lost, but not forgotten, favorites. Tweet us @oldtimecandy for suggestions on what our next Miss This Try this should be.

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