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Memories for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is around the corner. Sure, all mothers have shared some odd things with us like unwanted advice on dating, opinions on outfits, and tissues that magically appear to wipe our faces. But, if you have a mother who has a sweet tooth, she probably has also shared her favorite candy with you. I remember running errands with my mom near the holidays and being surprised to find out she had somehow bought us fun shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

My father always gets his mother Caramel Creams since she had them as a child and shared the candy with him as a little boy. One of my favorite memories with my grandmother—or as my brother and I called her, Nana—was when she brought us a similar candy, Cow Tales. Like many grandmothers, she would spoil us often. But there was something more meaningful about her giving us this certain candy. She exclaimed she had not had them in a long time as she hurriedly open one of her tales. Since she was always such a proper British woman, I remember being a bit taken back about how she started eating them in the entryway of the house instead of waiting until we were at least standing in the kitchen.

It seems silly to think of candies as anything other than treats, but for me some of these sweets mean a lot more. My grandmother and mother didn’t just share a candy with me, they shared a memory I’ll always enjoy whenever I treat myself to a Reese’s or Cow Tale. A lot of these memories are what keeps our favorite brands of candy around today! So remember to thank your mom this Mother’s Day for all that she has done, and maybe also for the sweet tooth that you now have.

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