Jelly Beans

Celebrating the most Magical Beans. Happy Jelly Bean Day!

Of course one of the world’s most popular candies gets its own day! With dozens, even hundreds of flavors, few can resist this colorful treat. It doesn’t matter if you enjoy them once a year for Easter, or if you enjoy them year-round, Jelly Beans are a favorite candy for millions of people—a whopping 16 billion are made a year! But how much do you know about them?

With the Easter Bunny’s recent visit, many of us are enjoying jelly beans alongside our chocolate eggs and Peeps. But have you ever wondered when jelly beans became such an Easter favorite? It started with eggs, which are symbolic of new life and Jesus’ resurrection. Many thought that that the egg-shaped jelly beans were a perfect basket filler. It became a perennial Easter favorite in the 1930’s. Although we think they are perfect to have any time of the year, especially with so many flavors. Piña colada anyone?

Jelly beans have even traveled to space! They were President Ronald Reagan’s favorite treat. He even kept some in the Oval Office. It was his idea to send a jar of jelly beans up with the crew of the space shuttle Challenger in 1983 crew as a tasty surprise. Wonder how they ate them in zero gravity…
So today, go ahead and grab a handful, maybe make a jelly bean craft, see if you can come up with a new flavor combination, or taken them to space! Share what sweet things you do today with us in the comments.


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