Big League Chew - grape - 2.1 oz pouch - box of 12

Big League Chew - grape - 2.1 oz pouch - box of 12


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Product Details

Big League Chew Bubble Gum is the official players' choice of bubble gum in a handy pouch.
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Ford Gum

Candy Memories

I remember my sister and I used to stay the night every so often with my grandma. Even though she only lived 7 miles away it felt like we were so far from home. Our favorite part of our overnight was the walk in the morning to the local dime store called Beaches. It was only about 5 blocks but our grandma had a bad leg and walked with a cane so that short walk seemed to take hours.
Once there the first thing we did was check to see if the pony was free. It was one of those mechanical ones that cost a dime. While one of us rode the other picked out our candy. One of us would always pick out the Big League Chew. We thought it was so cool to stuff our cheeks with the little strips. We never knew until we got older what "chew" really was.
I didn't know this gum was even still around. I know my little boys would get such a kick out of it since they know that daddy "chews". Thanks for the memories. Stephanie from Minnesota

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Lori



Great quality! Soft and chewy gum just like I remembered. My kids have really enjoyed this gum!


Ratings & Reviews

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