Baby Ruth - 2.1 oz bar

Baby Ruth - 2.1 oz bar


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Product Details

Baby Ruth is a candy bar bursting with peanuts, rich caramel and chewy nougat.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

Growing up in the 50's, every Saturday night, my daddy would leave right after supper. After about an hour, he would return with a six-pack of Pepsi Cola and five Baby Ruth bars. Mother would put the Pepsis in the freezer to chill and lay the Baby Ruth bars on the kitchen counter. When Gun Smoke came on, we each got a cold Pepsi and a Baby Ruth. I ate all the chocolate and peanuts off mine then slowly enjoyed the caramel. What a memory! Virginia from Alabama
Growing up on a tobacco farm in N.C in the 40's and 50's, we didn't get candy on a regular basis. We had a neighbor who worked at a furniture store in town. He would have boxes of candy and gum at his house, and when we got a nickel, we could go to his house and buy a candy bar or a pack of gum. What a treat that was. Nancy from North Carolina

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Nancy Hughes


Baby Ruth - 2.1 oz bar

I ordered these to give out as prizes at our class reunion later this summer. I'm sure the winners will be thrilled to receive a candy bar from the 1950's when we graduated. The bars came through in great shape and the order arrived quickly. It's nice to be able to find these candy bars again.


Ratings & Reviews

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