Appleheads - 0.8 oz box

Appleheads - 0.8 oz box

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Product Details

Appleheads are small panned candies with a tart apple flavor. They were at one time called Johnny Apple Treats.
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Ferrara Candy Co.

Candy Memories

Appleheads have special meaning to me. When I was little, I would go to sleep away camp every summer. The camp store had sunscreen, toothbrushes, and all the necessities, but only one kind of candy, Appleheads. I would buy as many as I could, often up to 10 packages at once. All of my friends and I would dare each other to do things, and we would give each other a box or two of Appleheads if we completed a dare successfully.
One night, when I had no Appleheads left, my friends dared me to kiss this cute girl. I was really embarrassed, but I remembered how good the Appleheads tasted, and I shyly kissed her. When I got back to my cabin, everyone was proud of me, and I got about 20 boxes of Appleheads from my friends. When I started to eat them, I realized that the moment of embarrassment was well worth it, because the candy was delicious! Calvin from California

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