Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries - 3 oz bag - box of 12

Andy Capp's Cheddar Fries - 3 oz bag - box of 12

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Product Details

Unconventional in form and texture, Andy Capp's fries look like french fries but crunch like chips.
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Candy Memories

Well, I'm 17 years old. And my younger brother of 2 years and I love Andy Capps. When we used to live in Las Vegas, NV about 4 years ago, he and I would always walk down to the local Stop 'N' Shop and pick us up some Andy Capps! We would come home with bags full of these delicious chips that we could spend our money on. My parents would always be asking where we got all these chips from and of course...how?!
When we told them we saved up our money for a couple months from doing chores we bought a whole bunch! Our neighbors even loved them. So when we did "splurge" a little bit we would have our friends over and eat Andy Capps like it was popcorn with our favorite movie, or when sleeping and hanging out on the trampoline. Then we moved to California a couple years ago. And we couldn't find Andy Capps ANYWHERE! Then one day we walked down to the Walgreens, and in the chip aisle, it was like Mr. Andy Capp himself had answered our prayers. There sitting on the shelf in a row were Andy Capps Hot Fries.
My brother and I looked at each other and gasped at the sight. We both rubbed our eyes and without even thinking I held out my hands and my brother got all 12 bags of them! We went home and explained to our parents what had happened. And we showed them the 12 bags. They were astonished that we had still remembered the chips we had loved as kids since we had not had them for over 3 years. But I say "How could you forget the taste of Andy Capps!" They are the best chips ever. I love them. Cortni from California

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