Almond Joy candy bar

Almond Joy - 1.61 oz bar


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Product Details

Almond Joy is a coconut candy bar covered in milk chocolate with 2 large almonds on top.
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Candy Memories

Oh, Almond Joy bars. I have always loved these chewy candy bars covered in chocolate. As a very young kid, I could never remember that Almond Joy bars had nuts and Mounds bars didn't. So it was always a surprise. When I got a Mounds bar, and did not find a nut, I was happy...I never liked nuts. When I got an Almond Joy bar, I would eat the whole thing up to the nut. Next, I would nibble around the almond and lick it clean. Finally I would offer it to my mom, who always refused! Eventually I would end up eating the nut, not wanting to miss the tiny bits of chocolate still around it. Almond Joy bars always were and still are, as the name says, joy. From Natasha in Massachusetts
My father, Charles Minister, won a contest many years ago and signed over all rights to "Indescribably Delicious". My nephew has the paperwork that confirms that win as my father passed away some time ago. I am his daughter and I am still very proud of that accomplishment. He went on to win many other contests in his lifetime and for a time was President of the Ohio Contest Association.
I remember as a child eating the cereal which Dad needed to send in box tops, or buying a particular brand because he needed the wrappers. We drove to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania once because he had to have a letter in for a contest by twelve noon. We stopped at the State Fair where I saw Lassie, the Lone Ranger and his horse Silver, and Tonto and his horse Scout. Dad won enough to cover the trip, but I will never forget that State Fair. More importantly, I will never forget my Dad...he too was "Indescribably Delicious". Sue from Florida

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Elizabeth Iacobelli


Almond Joy 1.61oz Bar

My husband LOVES both Almond Joys and Mounds, cause 'sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't!' I am allergic to chocolate and so I like to indulge others their favorites.


Ratings & Reviews

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