Abba Zaba - 2 oz bar

Abba Zaba - 2 oz bar


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Product Details

An Abba Zaba is a chewy taffy bar filled with a rich creamy peanut butter center.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Annabelle Candy

Candy Memories

A warm Summer day, walking down the hill to the corner store with a few nickels in my grubby hand (I had been playing outside all day) and looking over all my options on the candy shelves. Alas, I select the Abba Zaba Bar. After entertaining myself with the design in the wrapper, I peel it open, take my first bite of the stretchy taffy and enjoy a gush of peanut butter goodness! My walk home was a slow one. I bit, stretched and chewed every step of the way. Amber from California
Having the candy melt and get very soft in warmer weather. It would stretch out just like the taffy it was with the warm peanut butter coming out at the sides Beatrice from Washington
When I was a kid (1950s), my older brother and I went to the movies. Mom would drive us in from our ranch and drop us off while she shopped. The best part was the candy and air conditioning ran a close second. We always bought a couple of Abba Zaba bars each and made them last the whole movie. Another favorite was "Cherry Drops." Tom from California

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Amanda


Kids love old time candy!

I purchased some Abba Zaba candy bars for my 15 year old son. He and his friends absolutely loved them them!! He said they were very fresh and very yummy! He was also surprised how fast they got to the house when I ordered and that was just standard delivery! I will definitely make another purchase soon!


Ratings & Reviews

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