5th Avenue bar - 2 oz bar - box of 18

5th Avenue bar - 2 oz bar - box of 18

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Product Details

The 5th Avenue is a rich milk chocolate candy bar with a crunchy peanut butter center.
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Candy Memories

My parents have been married for 25 years this June and they are going to New York for their anniversary. "Fifth" Avenue to be exact. A little more than twenty-five years ago, my mom was a struggling opera singer (she is since a music teacher). My dad was a college grad student. My parents had been dating for several years and my mother used to always drag him against his will to shop at Saks, to just look and not even buy, being on a small budget.
As the story goes, my dad would buy her Fifth Avenue bars and just leave them for her in her bag, on her bed, in her pocket. My mother had no idea what was going on, but did not complain because she loved her chocolate. As they did every week, my dad and mother went Saks. They browsing as usual, when my dad slips something into my mother's pocket. "This is a special Fifth Avenue."
I remember when my sister and I used to sneak out of bed in the middle of the night just to eat these. My mom used to only let us eat one bar each, but we always wanted more! My sister and I would wait until our mom finally went to sleep, and then we would sneak down the stairs together.
My sister would help me onto the counter so I could reach the cupboard where the candy was. We would each grab a bar, and then sneak upstairs to eat it in our beds. Being children, we didn't bother to throw out the wrappers. We would simply stuff them under the mattress.
One day, after my mom changed the sheets, she came down with all of the wrappers! I guess she finally found out where all of the candy was going! Becky from Connecticut
As a small child, I remember going to the laundromat with my mother. While the clothes were washing, my mom would buy a Fresca soda and a Fifth Avenue candy bar. We would share the goodies and enjoy each other's company before the clothes needed tending to. Great memories from years gone by. Randi from Florida

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