3 Musketeers - 1.92 oz bar

3 Musketeers - 1.92 oz bar


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Product Details

The 3 Musketeers is a whipped up candy bar with a fluffy, chocolate-on-chocolate taste. They now have a richer chocolate taste.
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Mars, Inc.

Candy Memories

When I was a kid growing up back in the 1930's, there was no question of which candy to buy if you were lucky enough to have a nickel. It was 3 Musketeers, always. Rip off the candy's wrapping and inside you had three - not one - bars of chocolate-covered goodness, one vanilla, one strawberry and one chocolate. Each was good for several bites of luscious, chewy filling.
Of course nickels didn't come my way very often in little Jacksonville, Oregon, where I lived. It was still in the time of the Great Depression. Grown men lucky enough to have a job worked 8 or 9 hours for $1 a day picking pears, harvesting hay or splitting fire wood.
Yet I remember the joy of walking into Mr. Goddard's Grocery Store and plunking down my five cents for a 3 Musketeer Bar when I had earned a nickel helping out at home. Dan from Oregon
I remember thinking how big this yummy candy bar was and the soft gooey inside with the delicious chocolate covering. When I see this candy I still remember the little store my folks finally let me walk to so I could buy my own candy bar. Such a simple time life was back then in the 50's. Beth from Vermont
Back in the early fifties, my two brothers and I would collect pop bottles to take to the neighborhood grocery store for the deposit on them. We would then use the money to buy our favorite candies. Back then Three Musketeers bars had three waves across the top making it easy to divide it into three equal pieces to share. Charles from Wisconsin

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Ellen Steens


Old fashioned goodies

Candy the way it used to be. This Musketeers has managed to retain its old time flavors. That yummy nougat/marshmallow filling is so good. Every bite was just yummy. I wish I had ordered 10 more!


Ratings & Reviews

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