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Coconut Watermelon Slices
Coconut Watermelon Slices

This is as close as we can get to the original Coconut Watermelon Slice which actually looked like a slice of watermelon, seeds and all.
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Coconut Watermelon Slices - 2 lb bulk bag
Coconut Watermelon Slices - 2 lb bulk bag
Coconut Watermelon Slices - 8 lb bulk case
Coconut Watermelon Slices - 8 lb bulk case
Growing up in Chicago, there was a little candy store located around the corner from our house, it was called Mr. Armor's. Every day after school, a group of us kids would go there and my daily treat was the Coconut Watermelon Slices. My friends thought I was crazy for not getting the chocolate ice cube candies or the Sky Blue popsicles - they were good, but couldn't compare to my coconut watermelon slices. I would carefully eat the red part of the slice, trying NOT to eat the rind - cause you didn't eat watermelon rind. But of course, when the red was gone, I ate the green rind!!!! ~ Sue from Illinois

I'm so excited to find this site because I have been looking for the original watermelon slices for 40 years. At least you know what they were, even though they're not made any more. Every "old-time" candy store I've been to didn't know what I was talking about. Anyway, in elementary school, if my friends and I walked home from school the "right" way we went by the little neighborhood grocery store. I don't remember anything else they sold there, but I do know that I would buy get a few of my favorites - those sweet, delicious thin little slices. I wonder if that's where I got my sweet tooth? ~Janet from Utah

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