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Walnettos Memories

Do you remember the Artie Johnson - Ruth Buzzi skit on the TV show Laugh-in... "Want a Walnetto?" from the 60s. It seems that the Walnetto company was nearly out of business and this skit, often repeated on the show, revived interest in the candy and it is still available today. [continued below]

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Walnettos Laugh In


More memories: As a child I often attended movies with my parents (for a mere 12 cents) in my Wisconsin hometown, at the Electric Theatre (what other kind of theatre would there be? I wondered). I grew up thinking of Walnettos (not popcorn) as "standard theatre fare." That's what my folks usually bought. A roll of Walnettos (at only 5 cents) was enough to give each member of the family two delicious treats, one at the beginning of the movie, and another later on.

Since my mother liked to suck on candies and let them slowly dissolve in her mouth, (while I was a chewer) it often seemed too long between my treats. Our family saw a few movies that were "duds," I guess, but the evening was always an unqualified success, to my way of thinking, if we had some of those delicious Walnettos to savor! ~ David from Illinois