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Swedish Fish

Swedish Fish History

In 1958, Malaco, a Swedish confectionery manufacturer, decided to expand its business by exporting a few of their products to North America. Allsorts Licorice, Ribbons and Licorice Laces candy were the first products to be exported to North America. [continued below]

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[continued from above] The Malaco exporting business grew and in late 1960's and early 1970's Swedish Fish and Swedish Berries were developed specifically for the North American market. As you have probably already guessed, it was named Swedish Fish because it was developed in Sweden. Today Swedish Fish are made made in both Sweden and Canada and owned by the Cadbury Adams Company.

Swedish Fish Memories

My dad took me on a fishing trip when I was six years old. On the way to the lake, we stopped at a bait store. While my dad shopped for bait, I shopped for swedish fish. When we got to the lake, my dad asked me what I wanted to bait my hook with and I told him swedish fish. He talked to me until he was blue in the face about how swedish fish would NOT attract the fish, but I insisted anyway.

I am proud to say that my swedish fish bait caught TWELVE catfish that day. My dad caught NOTHING with his worm bait. After that, my dad used swedish fish for bait EVERY time he went fishing and told EVERY person who crossed his path about the time his daughter used swedish fish for bait and caught all the catfish in the lake. My dad passed away when I was fifteen, but our family still shares our swedish fish bait story every time we have a family gathering. ~ Michele from California