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The original Slo Poke suckers were discontinued by the manufacturer and replaced with Slo Poke bars and bite-size pieces.

Slo Pokes


We are sad to announce that the original Slo Poke suckers have been discontinued by the manufacturer. Slo Poke bars and bite-size remain available.

Slo Pokes Memories

Slo Pokes box When I was growing up, I was very lucky to live a block and a half from a candy store! Once a week, when I'd get my 25 cent allowance, I'd go down to Shirley's and buy all the candy I could for that quarter! I'd buy lots of penny candy to make the money go farther, but one of my favorite things to buy was a Slo Poke sucker, because I could make it last all day if I was very careful.

I'd carefully remove the paper (hopefully it wasn't too sticky) and pop that beautiful brown sucker into my mouth. I loved sitting on our front porch in the rocking chair, reading a book and enjoying my Slo Poke! The really cool thing was, when it got really soft on the end of the sucker, I'd pull on it and make it stretchy! I'd suck on that Slo Poke until all that was left was a little bit of brown clinging to the white stick. Then I'd kind of nibble it all off.

You'd think that would be the end of the sucker, but it wasn't. I even enjoyed chewing on the sucker stick 'cuz it had Slo Poke "residue" left on it. It was one of the best nickels I could spend! ~ Elizabeth from Michigan