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Skittles Original - 2.17 oz pkg

Skittles Original - 2.17 oz pkg

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Product Details

Skittles are small chewy candies in a package of original fruit flavors which are grape, lemon, green apple, orange and strawberry.
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Candy Memories

My first time having skittles was when I was in a car coming home from red wing. I was starving and so my mom had bought me some. I was sitting in the car and when I got them I took one. it was a green one. I enjoyed it soooooooooooo much I shoved all the rest of them in my mouth. My cheeks were so puffed up. My sister thought that they were filled with air so she took her hands and pushed them against my cheeks and all of the skittles came out of my mouth and all over her face. The skittles were so wet that they died her face a rainbow of colors. Kaycey from Minnesota

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