Ribbon Candy

Ribbon Candy

This is the thin Ribbon Candy you remember... made by Sevigny's. The Christmas season is just not complete without it. The 6 ribbons are roughly 4" long and 1" by 1" thick. It is only available during the Christmas season beginning around September each year.


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  • Mini Ribbon Candy - Blue Raspberry - 6 oz bag
  • Thin Ribbon Candy - 4 oz box peppermint
  • Thin Ribbon Candy - 7 oz box assorted flavors

Ribbon Candy Memories

Every Christmas my mother would order the hard ribbon candy from Sears. Christmas time was the only time we had candy. We lived on a farm in Virginia and the ribbon candy was a big treat - - my favorite was the red ribbons and the six (kids) of us would fight over the red ribbons. Now when I eat the ribbon candy I still pick out the red ones first and think of the good times back in the late 1940's. Thanks for the memories. ~ Marie from Arizona

Ribbon candy and Christmas at Aunt Tillie's house bring back memories of the 1960's. Maybe I liked the ribbon candies because they were bigger than any other piece and lasted the longest or maybe I liked them just because they were from Aunt Tillie's candy jar! Or maybe it is the gentle "wave" of the curls that so fascinated me with this pierce of candy - it was more like an art form than something to eat. However, after marveling over it, the sugary taste was a fine memory also! ~ Margaret from Iowa