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Milk Duds

Milk Duds History

In 1928, Milton J. Holloway took over F. Hoffman & Company of Chicago, the original manufacturer of Milk Duds chocolate covered caramels. The Milk Duds name came about because the original idea was to have a perfectly round piece. Since this was found to be impossible, the word "duds" was used. The word "milk" was used to reflect the large amount of milk in the product.

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Milk Duds Memories

Milk Duds

I not only remember this candy, it practically ruled my life for years as a teenager! This was THE candy to have at the movies, for the group of kids I ran around with. If you didn't order Milk Duds at the movies... then you might as well sit somewhere else in the theater until the movie ended.

It also was the candy of choice, to have backstage during the plays that we put on in high school. To this day, I remember eating Milk Duds all the time... by the handfulls! AND... I still have in my so called "high school box"... an empty package (box), for the memories that it brings to me!

I am diabetic now, so I can not eat them anymore, but every time I pass them in the grocery store, or at the movies... Milk Duds always bring back the best of memories for me. ~ Melinda from Florida