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Licorice Snaps - Bulk

Licorice Snaps - Bulk

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Licorice Snaps - 2 lb bulk bag (760 ct)
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Licorice Snaps - 25 lb bulk case (9500 ct)
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Licorice Snaps - 5 lb bulk bag (1900 ct)
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Product Details

Licorice Snaps, the original candy coated licorice made by the American Licorice Company. Please note: These Snaps are the new style with the same great flavors but a soft chewy center. Bulk candy counts are approximated.
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American Licorice

Candy Memories

Oh wow, the memories. Licorice snaps are the first candy I remember eating. My dad is an avid hunter and fisherman, not too abnormal in South Dakota. I remember going to the store with my dad before a fishing outing to get treats. I always got A&W root beer and licorice snaps. I remember one of the reasons I really thought they were "cool" is you could put like 5 in your mouth and just suck on them, then chew em up all soft and mushy, then when you would spit, it was this black brownish color. For some reason, as a kid I thought spitting black was really neat. I hadn't seen snaps for many years and one day I was in the gas station near my house and they had bags of them on the shelf. I was with my girlfriend, and I honestly think I shrieked like a little kid. I just said SNAPS!!! I bought every bag they had, I think it cost me like $30. I sat on the sofa and ate snaps grinning like the Cheshire cat. I ate them till I had a stomach ache... just like a little kid. ~ Bill from South Dakota

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