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FlipsticksFlipsticks are chewy caramel sticks that are about 3 inches long and available in 7 fruit flavors.


The ladies may remember a Candy Lipstick that looks very much like a Cherry Flipstick. It came with a gold wrapper rather than silver and actually make your lips (and face) red. Unfortunately Cherry Flipsticks will not turn your lips red... or, maybe, that's fortunate at this point in life... just a thought.

Flipsticks Memories

When I was a kid my Uncle Shiek owned a deli with a candy shop in the front. My dad used to take me to visit. After a while my Uncle knew I was getting anxious, he would hand me a small paper bag and tell me to go pick out some candy. I would always go right for the candy lipsticks - they were my absolute favorite! ~Tracy from California