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Chocolate Babies - Bulk

Chocolate Babies - Bulk

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Chocolate Babies - 2 lb bulk bag (225 ct)
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Chocolate Babies - 5 lb bulk bag (560 ct)
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Chocolate Babies - 15 lb bulk case (1680 ct)
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Product Details

Chocolate Babies are mellocream candies shaped like babies about 1 inch long. They have the texture of candy corn. Bulk candy counts are approximated.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship next business day.

Additional Information

Nutritional Information:

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Chocolate Liquor, Egg Whites, FD& C Colors (Reds 3 & 40, Yellows 5 & 6, Blue 1), Artificial Flavor, Coconut Oil, Modified Corn Starch, Gum Arabic, Confectioner's Glaze.


Bulk Chocolate Babies

Candy Memories

I have a somewhat interesting story about chocolate babies concerning my dad... When he was little, about 3 or 4, my dad would get chocolate babies every Saturday from my grandpa. There were five kids in the family, including my dad, and so to keep the chocolate babies a special secret between Grandpa and my dad, my grandpa would hide the chocolate babies in the ice crusher. [You know how the old ice crushers would be nailed to the wall, with a crank to manually break up the ice? Grandpa worked the third shift and he'd get home pretty late, so this was a very special treat for my dad. The two older girls always slept in on Saturday mornings, and the two younger kids were too little to notice, so my dad, the middle child, would get a chair and clamber up to the ice crusher and get his chocolate babies every Saturday morning. He said he remembered that they came in a little box that he'd shake before opening. He'd bite the babies feet first and then pop the rest of them in while he would watch cartoons or lassie. The chocolate baby memory is probably one of my dad's fondest memories of my grandpa, as well as my favorite story to hear him tell. ~ Maggie from North Carolina

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great site


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