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Space Food Sticks - chocolate - 1.27 oz bar

Space Food Sticks - chocolate - 1.27 oz bar

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Product Details

Space Food Sticks are the original out-of-this-world protein snack bar that is alive and well in the 21st century. They were originally made for the US space program in the 1960s.
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Candy Memories

I remember Space Food Sticks along with banana seat spyder bikes, little league, and swim team practice. Space Food Sticks were COOL! You could eat all you wanted because hey, "they aren't candy, they're food, SPACE FOOD, you know, like Tang is a Space drink. They were the first and ultimate sport food. I think they are calorie/carb dense. There is nothing more convenient and "sporty" than the little orange/brown foil pouch. They had a totally unique texture, somewhere between taffy, (what I would pay for a Bonomo's Turkish Taffy Banana?), fudge.
The texture made it more satisfying than most snack or candy foods, hey, Space food it was. The peanut flavor was boss. WE ate them everywhere. At lunch a Space Food Stick trumped everything-it was "21". But the best time was on a Boy Scout Jamboree at Bull Run National Battlefield Park it was 1971,72,73, I am not sure.
It was my first Boy Scout campout. The snow was unusually deep, it was bitter cold. I endured a day of searching for a "left handed smoke shifter", a night of "snipe hunting" and then the ultimate suffering, a freezing cold, (literally, where it was not frozen it was merely soaked), all cotton Sears, Roebuck and Company slumber bag.
But, I had two or three boxes of Space Food Sticks, I thought, no, I knew, I was cool, and a grizzled survivor with my modern day pemmican/jerky replacement. Let them eat Smores-I got SPACE FOOD! I distinctly remember my Dad dragging me on deer hunting trips where I trudged around exhausted and cold thinking, correctly so, no deer is going to be dumb enough to let us sneak up on them in these goofy blaze orange and red plaid outfits. We never did get anything. It was cool though, and I had Space Food Sticks. David from Maryland

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Craig Simon


Space Food Sticks

Backpacing in the 1980's and eating space food sticks, good memories. We thought we were cutting edge health nuts. Brought up lots of good memories.


Ratings & Reviews

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