Root Beer Barrels - 2 lb bulk bag (120 ct)

Root Beer Barrels - 2 lb bulk bag (120 ct)

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Product Details

Individually wrapped I.B.C. root beer flavored hard candy in the shape of a barrel. A 2 lb bag contains about 120 pieces.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

Additional Information

Nutritional Information:

Sugar, Corn Syrup, Artificial Flavor and Red 40, Blue 1 & Yellow 6.

Manufactured In A Facility That Processes Peanuts. .


Bulk Root Beer Barrels

Candy Memories

I was the only girl growing up in a neighborhood of boys... so that meant that whenever anyone was "captured" and tied to a tree, it was me.... my only ransom was root beer keg candy... thank goodness as it was my salvation.... that and my younger but bigger brother... I remember being tied to a huge rock, with no candy and no brother... that was a long afternoon before I was finally released... the best revenge was dirt bombs filled with inkberry juice... stained the dickens on whatever it landed on... preferable the back of a retreating "enemy." Barbara from Virginia

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Holly Hamilton


IBC Root Beer Barrels - 2 lb bulk bag

I always reorder these from you, as they are my husband's favorite. The generic brands just taste like sugar with little root beer flavor.


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