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Red Hot (Raspberry) Dollars
Red Hot DollarsWe are sad to announce the Red Hot Dollars were discontinued by the manufacturer.
Please consider trying Juju Coins.

Red Hot Dollars, at least that's what they were called when we were kids. The name was later changed to Red Raspberry Dollars to better describe the candy flavor. They were never really hot.
Red Hot Dollars were introduced by the Heide Candy Company in either 1925 or 1926. They were round pieces of gum candy bearing the dollar sign imprint. The "red hot" referred to a popular slang expression of the times - something that was new, up to date and very popular was considered "red hot." The name has nothing to do with the flavor which was (and still is) raspberry. The name was later changed to Red Raspberry Dollars to better reflect the actual taste.
I remember the good old days like it was yesterday. We had a penny candy store quite a walking distance from our home. Although I was only seven, I would occasionally sneak off with coins borrowed from the top of my father's dresser, to the penny candy store. My brothers and I called this cherished destination, "The Secret Store." It was known as such because our visits to the store needed to remain secret or our little bottoms would have met with the disciplined swat of our parent's hand. The Secret Store was a store like no other.
The glass enclosed wooden cases were filled with the most beautiful array of penny candy. It was heaven!! The candy I so cautiously risked my seven year old life for was Heide Red Hot Dollars. The silver tray in the display case brimmed with those little red coins. A penny a piece was the price! The grandfatherly gentleman who owned the store would drop 10 to 15 glistening red coins in a tiny little brown bag and I would stand on tip toe to hand him my borrowed change.
The exchange of coins for candy was the most wonderful rush. The excitement was more than I could bear. I would dash out of the store with the old wooden screen door slamming behind me. I would scamper home, hide under my bed, and savor the Red Hot Dollars I risked my little life for. Yes, those were the days! ~ Carole from Florida

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