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Pop Rocks - 0.74 oz 3-pack assorted

Pop Rocks - 0.74 oz 3-pack assorted

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Product Details

Pop Rocks is popping candy that explodes in your mouth. The 3-packs contain strawberry, watermelon and tropical punch.
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Pop Rocks

Candy Memories

We had a class trip to go to a Broadway musical, and so everyone had to troop up the streets of New York in a bunch of ties, formal suits, and long formal dresses. Everyone was in the NBC souvenir store when I suddenly noticed a pack of pop rocks, and bought it along with a bottle of coke (I hadn't known about the supposed "death rumor" circulating around these two food items).
So when everyone was well and seated in the seats of the theater, I took a drink of the coke with the pop rocks. But then, I heard someone telling a joke on the seat next to me, and ended up coughing the concoction all over my dress (it narrowly missed the person's head that was sitting in front of me). Needless to say, that really WAS a death situation for me, and I've never taken pop rocks with soda again. Nina from New York City

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