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Orange Slices - Mini - Bulk

Orange Slices - Mini - Bulk

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Orange Slices - Mini - 2 lb bulk bag (250 ct)
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Orange Slices - Mini - 5 lb bulk bag (625 ct)
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Orange Slices - Mini - 31 lb bulk case (3875 ct)
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Product Details

Orange Slices are sugar coated jelly candies with an orange flavor. These are a mini size which are 3/4 inches long. A 2 lb bag contains about 250 pieces.
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Additional Information

Nutritional Information:

Corn Syrup, Sugar, Cornstarch, Modified Cornstarch, Citric Acid, Natural Flavor, Yellow 6.


Bulk Orange Slices Mini

Candy Memories

In my younger years back in the 1960's my brother told me about this wonderful invention called the credit card. You could buy things now and pay later he said. All you had to do was show them this card and you could walk away with all kinds of great stuff. Wanting to get in on the action before the stores figured out this wasn't going to work, I went down town to get me one. I filled out lots of applications and patiently waited. Over the new few weeks I received several rejection letters but finally to my surprise a letter arrived with a brand new Sears (cardboard) credit card inside. My limit was an amazing $100. How foolish could they be. I immediately went down to the store with card in hand and stated cruising the isles. Well, I have to admit, there was not one thing that I was interested in buying until I finally hit the candy counter. For some reason the bright Orange Slices were to hard to pass-up. My first ever purchase on my very first credit card was one pound of Orange Slices from the Sears candy counter. I have been hooked on the golden gems ever since. Even today when my grandchildren visit we love sitting around putting Orange Slices in our mouths and beaming at each other with bright orange smiles. ~ Dave from Oregon

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Ratings & Reviews

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Posted by: Rachel


Skip these

Been buying from this company many years. In the past these orange slices were good. Now they are hard, obviously old. Another review saying the same thing has been removed, and my review 2 weeks ago was never published. The company has become completely unresponsive to emails or letters. *As "price" and "quality" ratings were required, I gave them one star, because there is no good price or value for stale candy.


Ratings & Reviews

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