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Nerds - lemon and sour apple - 1.65 oz box - box of 24

Nerds - lemon and sour apple - 1.65 oz box - box of 24

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Product Details

Nerds are tiny, tangy, crunchy candy in lemon and sour apple flavors.
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Nestle' USA

Candy Memories

Mine and my brother's favorite candy has always been NERDS. We always would stop at the stop before heading to my grandparents and get some. When my brother was about 3 we went to my grandparents for the weekend like we usually did. We stopped for our usual NERDS, but when we got there he had eaten all of his. So it was late and we all went to bed.
My brother slept on a pallet on the floor in my parents room because he was always scared of being away from home. That next morning my dad woke up early and went into the living room. A little while later my brother came in with a ring of black around his mouth, so my dad ask him what was on his mouth and he replied NERDS, my dad promptly told him to go get the "NERDS" and he came back with rat poison. They were little pellets like NERDS, my brother had no idea. So they took him to the hospital and he had to drink chalk, he was fine. He's now 18 and loves it every time I tell this story. Jandy from Mississippi

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