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Milk Duds - 1.85 oz box

Milk Duds - 1.85 oz box

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Product Details

Milk Duds are caramel nuggets covered in milk chocolate.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship on the next business day.

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Candy Memories

Dentist's Warning: Milk Duds will remove braces! I have loved the sweet caramel chocolate candies for as long as I can remember. My first memory of these candies is when I bit into one I realized it had a hard crunch in the center. I took it out of my mouth for further examination and realized my tooth was embedded in the caramel center. The Milk Dud and tooth went under my pillow. The tooth fairy should have left me another box of the candies with a note that reads "I'll get rich!"
This was only the start of the Milk Duds blame game. I received my first set of braces with the warning of not eating caramel. Of course my precious Milk Duds did not pertain to that warning, in my mind! At the movies I defiantly got my box of Milk Duds and started eating. Before the movie even started I realized a couple of my brace's brackets were missing and had to be taken to the dentist for their return.
I was told specifically not to eat Milk Duds at this point, but yet again, I wasn't going to stop eating the one love a child had. Two more trips to the dentist were associated with Milk Duds vs. braces. The day I got my braces off (3 agonizing years later of careful secret Milk Dud eating) I received a box of Milk Duds from my dentist and with his permission I broke the seal. To this day, every time I eat Milk Duds I remember the dentist's warning: Milk Duds will remove braces! Erika from North Carolina

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