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Licorice Pipes
Licorice Pipes

Licorice Pipes - the name tells it all! These individually wrapped, 4.25 inch pipes are available in black licorice.
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Licorice Pipes - black - 1 pipe
Licorice Pipes - black - 1 pipe
Licorice Pipes - black - box of 60
Licorice Pipes - black - box of 60
Whenever I see Licorice Pipes it reminds me of my dear old grandfather. I remember back in the 50's he would visit the family during the Christmas season, the only time he had a break from his job at the mine. As a child I always looked up to him, to me he was the smartest man in the world, He always had an answer to my questions. What added to this aura of his was the fact that he was always smoking a pipe, it made him look so wise, and made me respect him even the more.
One day when he was sleeping I went and took the pipe by his bed and held it in my mouth for a while, not knowing what to do I breathed in deeply and started coughing. This woke him up and he told me that it wasn't for me. I was a bit sad, I wanted for him to see how grown up I was. However, later that day he came back from the market with a Black Licorice Pipe, I was overjoyed, I kept it in my mouth and sucked on it for a long time, all the while enjoying the wonderful Licorice taste that reminded me of my Grandpa so dear. ~ Carl from New York

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