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Kits Taffy - Vanilla - Bulk

Kits Taffy - Vanilla - Bulk

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Kits Taffy - Vanilla - 5 lb bulk bag (175 ct)
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Kits Taffy - Vanilla - 2 lb bulk bag (70 ct)
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Kits Taffy - Vanilla - 1 piece
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Kits Taffy - Vanilla - 20 lb bulk case (700 ct)
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Product Details

Vanilla Kits are square wrapped taffy, 3 pieces to each pack. Bulk candy counts are approximated.
Orders placed by midnight usually ship next business day.

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Runk Candy

Candy Memories

I grew up in Johnson City, New York, home of the Fair Play Caramel Company, one of the firms that made Kits (and other candies). In the late '30s and early '40s you got six caramels to a package for a penny. Kits were something most of us had every day, as some kids had parents who worked at the candy factory, and we got lots of free samples. My favorite was molasses with the peanut butter center. There also was a white Kits (maybe vanilla flavor) that was distributed locally. It may have been test marketed in our area, as I don't recall seeing it elsewhere. The candy factory in my hometown is long gone, but I'm glad to see that Kits are still around after all these years for people to enjoy. ~ Bob from Florida

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