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JujyfruitsJujyfruits are small, chewy, fruit-shaped candies that come in in cherry, lemon, lime, orange and grape.
Jujyfruits history
Jujyfruits were first made in 1920. Each box contains an assortment of fruit-shaped candy pieces. They were originally made by the Heide Company which was started by German immigrant, Henry Heide in 1869. The brand changed hands a few times and today they are made by the Farley's and Sathers Company.
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Jujyfruits - 2.1 oz box
Jujyfruits - 2.1 oz box
Jujyfruits - 2.1 oz box - box of 24
Jujyfruits - 2.1 oz box - box of 24
Jujyfruits - 6 oz theater box
Jujyfruits - 6 oz theater box
Jujyfruits - 6 oz theater box - case of 12
Jujyfruits - 6 oz theater box - case of 12
Jujyfruits box

Jujyfruit box when being made by Heide.

Jujyfruits memories

I had no idea these candies have been made so long, but my memory takes place growing up in the 90's. My crazy cousin liked the tooth fairy so much he would try to lose teeth even before they started to wiggle. He would sit and chew Jujyfruits all of the time until they did the job. He probably wanted the tooth fairy money to buy more candy. I can't look at a box without laughing about him trying to loosen his teeth, although it was a little gross.
Even before we could read or lose teeth, I still remember being able to recognize the big yellow box. It seemed endless as we would keep picking out the different colored fruits. Of course, the green ones were always the best. ~ Vanessa from Illinois

I have been hopelessly devoted to Jujyfruits since about 1955 when I was nine years old. I first bought them one Sunday afternoon when my buddies and I went to a matinee of "Abbott & Costello Meet the Mummy" at our neighborhood theater. I am pretty sure a small box of Jujyfruits at that time cost a nickel. I loved them immediately, although I must admit the mint flavored green ones were to me not as good. As we settled in to the hilarious film there were frequent episodes where the mummy would be chasing Bud and Lou in the movie, many of us kids in the audience would pelt the screen with candies we didn't care for. (Some of the shapes of the candies, in the dark, actually seemed to be "mummy cases," at the time.) For me, my least favorite ones were the green minty Jujyfruits. Mint seemed to me a flavor that should have been reserved for toothpaste, chewing gum, or Sen-Sen breath fresheners, not "show candy." I was greatly relieved and excited when a few years back the mint flavor was dropped and replaced with lime. YUM! I have been a Jujyfruits fan and addict for 54 years. I still get excited when I see big boxes of Jujyfruits on display in a store. The bright yellow and red cover art are still very attractive and enticing. ~Douglas from Illinois

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