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Freshen-up Gum - cinnamon - box of 12 packs

Freshen-up Gum - cinnamon - box of 12 packs

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Product Details

Freshen-Up Bubble Gum is the first gum to have a jel center with a burst of flavor. Each pack has 7 pieces of gum.
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Mondelez Global

Candy Memories

It had to be somewhere around 1976 or so when this gum came out, I was ten at the time. My childhood best friend Buffy, her parents like mine, were WWII generation parents in their 50's at the time.
They were always taking trips somewhere and they would always bring me back something neat. Well this time they said we brought little Sammy some "squirt gum." And I was the only one in school with it. People were always trying to trade me something for the "squirt gum," but no way. You couldn't get it in the little town in Missouri that I grew up in. So it was like gold to me, I could have traded it for a lot of ball cards for sure.
Buffy is no longer with us; but every time I have a piece of this gum I think of her and her parents and their kindness and generosity and how they always made me feel special. Sam from Nebraska

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