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Fizzies Drink Tablets - Blue Razz - 12 tablet pack - box of 6

Fizzies Drink Tablets - Blue Razz - 12 tablet pack - box of 6

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Product Details

Blue Razz Fizzies, all the fun and flavor of the original Fizzies Drink Tablets is back. Now with NO sugar and 100% of the recommended daily supply of Vitamin C.
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Candy Memories

It happened back in '63, I was 5 and my Big sister was 13. We were enjoying our Root Beer Fizzies "straight"... no water. She licked the tablet and it foamed wonderfully, she told me to lick mine and swallow it... I did (remember I was 5) the tablet became lodged in my throat foaming away, scarring my sister and Mother to death. They hung me upside down and slapped my back like a drum. Everything turned out fine but to this day anytime someone mentions Fizzies I laugh til I cry. I still love 'em. Ed from Georgia

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