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Dots candy

Dots are chewy gum drops in assorted flavors. You might remember them as Mason Dots like the box (below) from the 1950s. Today they are made by Tootsie. The flavors are Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon, Lime, and Orange.
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Lunch Box - Dots Candy
Lunch Box - Dots Candy
Mason Dots Box
Dots!! Wow!! This was the first candy I ever remember trying as a child. My family and I went to the movies to watch Star Wars. I devoured a whole box before Hans Solo was introduced in the movie. After the movie I remember my Dad buying one more box for the ride home.
I just love the texture and the burst of flavor from each one. My favorite was to eat a yellow and green at the same time. My wife to this day makes fun of me for my candy choice. I still purchase Dots from time to time at our local grocery store. With all the new candies on the market, Dots is the one I continue to buy. I can never grow tired of the great candy. Every time I eat Dots I think of the "Force". ~ Simon from Tennessee

I am a baby boomer and remember with great fondness my love of Dots, especially the licorice ones. My grandfather used to work as a janitor on Saturdays at the local movie theatre in my small hometown in Southwestern Michigan. I would often go with him and while he was cleaning up, I would be going through the isles looking for unopened boxes of candy. When I would go to the movies, boxes of Dots were a nickel and I could never get enough. I'm still that happy kid in my mind and I still love my Dots. It's so wonderful to know that I can still find my favorite candy 50+ years later. ~Malissia for Michigan 

 When I was a really small kid, every Saturday at noon, the "Showhouse" always had a western double feature. I grew up watching the "Cisco Kid", "Hopalong Cassidy", "Roy Roger and Gabby Hays", and of course "Gene Autry". Later it was "Randolph Scott", and then the immortal "John Wayne". Wow.....the memories. It cost a quarter to get in and a coke, popcorn and dots were another 15 cents. So I could go to the "show" for under fifty cents every Saturday afternoon. I'm almost 64, and every time I still go to a movie I always get my Coke (Zero), my popcorn, and of course my box of dots, but it sure costs a whole lot more than 15 cents. I'll never forget this as long as I live. ~Dave from Texas

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