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Cup-O-GoldCup-O-Gold is a milk chocolate cup with toasted almonds, a hint of coconut and the signature creamy center that has made Cup-O-Gold a favorite for decades.

Cup-o-Gold candy

Cup-o-Gold was invented in the 1950s by the Hoffman Candy Company in Los Angeles and was primarily sold on in California and on the west coast through the 1970s. Today it is being made again by the Adams and Brooks Company.
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Cup-O-Gold - 1.25 oz cup
Cup-O-Gold - 1.25 oz cup
Cup-O-Gold - 1.25 oz cup - box of 24
Cup-O-Gold - 1.25 oz cup - box of 24
I remember visiting my grandmother every saturday when I was a little kid and there was a general store right next to where my grandma lived, it was like walking into the past like the one on the waltons and they always had a big bowl of cup o gold right next to the cash register and I would be jumping up and down pointing at the bowl and if I behaved my mom would buy me one or two.
As I got older I started mowing my grandmas lawn and also the general stores lawn too, and when I got done the owner would come out with a 16 oz. glass bottle of coke and a few cup of golds as a thank you because he knew they were my favorites.
In time like all people the owner died and the store closed up and that was the only place I could find them until now thanks for carrying my all time favorite childhood candy "CUP O GOLD", it brings back some great time memories. ~ Joe from New York

About 1964, when I was eleven years old, I remember hearing a radio advertisement by Ringo of the Beatles; he was describing a typical day of the Fab Four; rehearsal at 10:00 AM, etc. He ended with telling us that when he took a break, he loved Cup o Gold candy. That got me curious, so I bought one, just to see what it was all about. If it was good enough for the Beatles, then maybe I need to experience it as well. Needless to say, I was in heaven! I absolutely loved Cup o Gold. I bought it every time I went to our local grocery store. I would gorge myself on that candy! Brings back memories of care free times, before bills, kids, responsibilities, etc took over our lives. ~Roy from California

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