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Country Store Taffy
Country Store Taffy

Country Store Taffy is long, thin and wrapped in wax paper.  Each piece is 11 inches long and almost 2.5 inches wide. Each bar has random fruit flavors represented by different colors. You may also know it as Mountain Taffy.
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Country Store Taffy - assorted - 1 piece
Country Store Taffy - assorted - 1 piece
Country Store Taffy - assorted - box of 24
Country Store Taffy - assorted - box of 24
Oh my goodness! I haven't seen these in almost thirty years! On hot summer days in the early 70's my sister and I would go to our small town public pool. We would bring just enough money each day for a trip to the little ice-cream/candy shop across the street from the pool.
One of our favorites was the huuuge Country Store Old Fashioned Taffy bar! I guess since they were sooo big, (to a ten-year-old,) we really felt like we were getting our fifteen cents worth! My favorite was strawberry!
We would always whack them on the candy counter to break them into pieces so we could savor each chewy bite! I loved popping the little broken pieces in my mouth and molding them to the roof of my mouth. I would always gobble mine up before we even headed for home, but I remember my sis' would still be enjoying hers long after the bike ride home! I probably would have asked her to share the rest of her bar with me, but her favorite was banana! ~ Laura from Kansas

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