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Coffee Rio
Coffee Rio

Coffee Rio is a hard coffee caramel made with fresh dairy cream, milk and real coffee made by Adams and Brooks. This is the original roast flavor.
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Coffee Rio - 5.5 oz bag
Coffee Rio - 5.5 oz bag
Coffee Rio - 5.5 oz bag - box of 12
Coffee Rio - 5.5 oz bag - box of 12
Since our Mom had 8 sisters, a lot of our childhood was spent visiting our aunts. As little children, our main criteria for these aunt visits had to do with such important things as whether there would be other kids to play with, what sort of toys were in the house, and of course, what kind of treats were offered. Most of the aunts' houses, just like our own, featured boring bowls of stale hard candy on the table, supposedly "for company" and replaced when they'd gathered enough dust. 

But Aunt Effie -- our favorite -- always had a fresh bowl of these delicious Coffee Rios, and how we looked forward to this special treat! We thought they were not only super-delicious but also ultra-sophisticated, since coffee was something only grown-ups could drink, and Rio -- well, even to a bunch of farm kids, the name glowed with exotic mystery. Our Mom naturally didn't want us over-sugared or over-caffeinated -- she had a long car trip home with all us kids -- so we were limited to two apiece. I remember us all scarfing the first ones, but letting the second ones dissolve as slowly as we could, my sisters and brothers and I savoring the rich yumminess, occasionally sticking out our tongues to see whose Coffee Rio was lasting longest. ~Laurette from New Mexico

My nonna, was a beautiful, loving, short Italian woman. Nearly everything in her home was made by her tiny, but incredibly strong hands. I spent so many days in her San Francisco Victorian home in the Mission District learning everything I could from this amazing woman. One of the rare, store-bought edibles she always had was a bowl of Coffee Rio Original Roast hard candies in the dining room. I remember sneaking them one after another when she wasn't looking to keep the bittersweet taste in my mouth as long as I could in between delicious homemade Italian meals. ~Meghan from California

When I was a kid growing up on Long Island, NY, we visited my grandparents often--they lived in Forest Hills. My grandmother always had a porcelain flowered candy dish filled with coffee rio’s on the coffee table in the living room. They were my favorites, and I could never wait--when we arrived I went straight to the candy dish and took a handful. When I got older and she wasn't able to keep up, I thought they were lost forever. Recently I attended a gathering at a friend's house, and there on the coffee table were candies that looked just like the ones at my grandmother's house. The second I tasted one, the whole era of my childhood visits came back to me in sensuous delight. What a thrill to have found them again after all these years! ~Judith from New York

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